Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vegetable Bed Inventory - 2010

Now that we almost at the midpoint of July, I though it would be an appropriate time to take a final inventory of everything that got planted. Today I will document the vegetable bed at the house and next Tuesday I will do the same for the big garden. Although the vegetable bed is small in size, its full-sun location is priceless. I can grow the heat lovers like tomatoes, squash, zinnias & morning glories here and they just thrive. It is such a treat as the big garden has a lot of trees and a lot of shade throughout the day.

Here is an overview of the garden. And here is its inventory:


Winter Squash (4) - "Delicata" - Seeds of Change
Pole Beans (15) - "Bingo" - Territorial Seed
Sunflower (1) - "Gloriosa Polyheaded" - Seeds of Change
Zinnia (18)- Mix of "Hot Crayon Colors" & "Berry Basket" - Renee's Garden


Winter Squash (4) - "Butternut" -
Summer Squash (1) - "Yellow Patty Pan" -Hayhurst Valley
Sweet Bell Pepper (1) "Gypsy" - Hayhurst Valley
Morning Glory (1) - "Feringa" - Log House Plants
Red Onion (17) - "Mars" - Hayhurst Valley
Yellow Storage Onion (15) - "Prince" - Hayhurst Valley
Tomato (1) - "Rose" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Seattle's Best" - Log House Plants
Tomato( 1) - "Momotaro" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Kellogg's Breakfast" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - Sweet Million" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Black Pear" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Persimmon" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Black Krim" - Unknown

The "Delicata" are way behind last year but have grown a lot in the last week's heat.

The "Butternut" vines have fallen over and are starting to crawl .

The tomatoes have just gone crazy the last week. I desperately need to add the second tier to the towers as they all shot past the tops of tier one. Pictured above, left to right, "Black Pear", "Persimmon" & "Black Krim".

The Patty Pan Squash has really settled in. I love its big old leaves. So do the little brown finches who snack on them in the cool  of the morning.

The "Bingo"  Pole Beans are trying their hardest. They are squeezed right now between a huge tomato on one side and the self-seeded "Gloriosa Polyheaded" Sunflower on the other.

And I just LOVE the "Feringa" Morning Glory. How cool to have two different blooms on one plant.


Heather said...

What a pretty garden space, and it looks so organized too. I don't think it would be possible for me to tell you what all I planted or whether it survived or not. You have given me something to aspire to.

Meadowsweet Cottage said...

I can hardly wait to hear about your harvest--your seed list made my mouth water :)

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your garden looks wonderful, and I am especially impressed with your beautiful row of onions. Do you have any tips you might share about how you grow your onions? Do you start from seed or from starts, any special soil preparation or fertilizer that you use?


zentmrs said...

Beautiful garden! And the Morning Glorys are wonderful - they've always been some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

Kansas Amy said...

Great job! Thank you for sharing!

Jami said...

Looks great- so neat and organized! I try every year to grow morning glories and they are so hit and miss or with me, but I love them so will keep trying. Yours are beautiful...

Thanks for linking up at the TGP!