Friday, April 19, 2013

Lamb's Tongue Season

It is officially Lamb's Tongue season here! Lamb's Tongues, or as they are also commonly called, Trout Lilies, are native to our area. They grow in lightly shaded areas of forests. I have two nice groups of them growing along the secret path.

The pretty bell shaped blooms are just starting to open.

When they are fully open they resemble starfish a bit. 

The biggest patch of Lamb's Tongues are down the road at our neighbor's home. In an area underneath a few oak trees she has a naturalized mass planting.

It is literally a solid carpet of Lamb's Tongues right now.

She doesn't let her son mow this area until the plants have finished blooming for the year and have died back. This allows seed to set and the plants to multiply. Her careful watch over this patch has paid off.

Also tucked into the Lamb's Tongue patch are a few Shooting Stars. They too are a Spring treat. Their pale purple blooms are a great compliment to the soft yellow Lamb's Tongues.


Mindy said...

WOW! That is all kinds of impressive! I've never seen such a colony. Clearly I need to start a patch of my own. Ya know, on my five acres. :o)

Beth said...

Really pretty pictures of the Lamb's Tongues!

Unknown said...

I have Lambs Tounge growing in abundance in my yard as well, but I have one that is a light lavender (it is not a shooting star). Does anyone else have this color?