Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Daffodils Keep Marching Along!

During a break in the rain today, I took a walk around the property. First off, I stopped to admire the clump of "Jet Fire" daffodils. They had begun to open last weekend and are now in full bloom. They are a really nice addition to the flowerbed. Their bi-colored blooms are small enough that the rain doesn't weigh them down and the group stays standing straight up, looking good.

This interesting daffodil is planted up on the bank by the house. It is now hidden behind one of the Sweet Gums and gets lost a bit. It has such a unique bloom. The trumpet has been split open and folds back to meet the petal. It almost reminds me of a hibiscus blossom. Really fun!

Down by the head of the secret path, I have a nice little clump of "Ice Follies". I really love this variety, with its white petals and soft yellow, shallow trumpet. In really sunny Springs, the yellow trumpet quickly fades to white. So I guess there is something to be said for endless, overcast days!

This daffodil will never be lost in the crowd ! "Impi Tombi" has lemon yellow petals it pairs with a screaming orange trumpet. They are planted up on a bank and you can't help but look at them every time you drive by.

This is another favorite of mine. We planted these right after we purchased the property, before the house was even built. They have very big blooms that do get weighted down by the rain. But I still think they are worth growing. I love the big, billowing, white petals and huge yellow trumpet.

And I found this sweet little grass blooming in the meadow. Its soft, lavender bloom caught my eye and I went over for a closer look. There were quite a few blooming when I looked around.


icebear said...

i really like the Impi Tombi and the hibiscus-like ones, beautiful pics!

my daffodils are still yawning and shivering right about now. lol

Olga Poltava said...

Wow, what a beautiful variety of daffodils. They all are so pretty; it's hard to pick a favorite one.