Saturday, March 19, 2011

Almost Spring

When I went outside this morning, we had mostly blue skies. As long as the clouds didn't blow by and cover the sun, it was quite pleasant out. But every now and then, the sky would momentarily darken and the wind would whip up. A gentle reminder that today is the last day of Winter. It was nice enough to take a walk, so off I went. Right outside the front door, we have two Daphne plants - one on each side of the steps. Their blooms have finally opened and each time the wind blew it was filled with that unmistakable scent.

The leaves on the Crab Apple have begun to unfurl. They are blood red at this time of the year and really contrast with the greens and browns of the landscape.

March is really daffodil time in Oregon and ours are starting to peak. Above, one of three very happy clumps of "tete-a-tete" that we have growing in flower beds by the house.

This is a new variety that we planted last fall , "Jet Fire". It has nice orange trumpets.

Little "Segovia" planted at the edge of the bank. These are only 6" tall, but reliably come back year after year.

Our two "February Gold" that survived getting chomped by the deer!

And the good old "King Alfred" daffs are just starting to open.

A close-up of crocus planted in a pot on the front porch.

The bright, cheerful face of a pansy, also growing in a pot. And below, after escorting me on my walkabout his morning, Tom-Cat settled on the porch to do some bird watching in a block of sunshine.


Beth said...

It's nice to have a companion on your walk!

Robin said...

Spring has definitely sprung at your house!! Beautiful pics!