Monday, April 4, 2011

Mid-Season Daffodils

Yesterday, I had a chance to enjoy the sunshine and take a walk. Many of the mid-season daffodils have opened in the past few days. I always enjoy the "Einstein". Their petals are such a pure white that contrasts so well with the orange/red centers. They are also unique because the center trumpet really has no length at all to it and opens up right against the petals.

The "Ceylon" are another daffodil that you won't miss walking by. I don't know which part is brighter - the yellow petals or those orange trumpets.

Up on the bank, we have one group of "Delibes".  I really like how the pale orange trumpet is tipped in bright orange.

An down by the gate the ""Roulette" have finally opened.

We are nearing peak trillium time. Everywhere you look in the woods right now you can find flashes of white on the forest floor. We have both the solid green leaf variety and the mottled leaf variety.

 And the lamb's tongues continue to grow and get closer to blooming.

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