Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain, rain ..go away!

Today was a good day for indoor projects! It started raining yesterday and the rain has only increased in intensity today. As of 4:00 PM we have 1.5" in the rain gauge. I put on my rain jacket and took a walk down to the two creeks. The main creek is swollen, and running fast and brown.

Even "Dorothy's Creek", much smaller in size, was roaring. Everywhere on my walk the ground was saturated and I had to dodge standing water on all of the paths. So far, the first 15+ days of this month have been wet and cold. All of the wildflowers are behind on their "normal" growth and even getting a cool-weather crops garden planted has been a challenge for all.

Earlier in the day I made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market. It was just pouring outside, but I was impressed by the number of shoppers. We Oregonians are a tough lot ! I stopped at the Hayhurst booth and picked up a 6-pack of Yellow Storage Onions and a 6-pack of Red Storage Onions. Now, if we can just get a small break in this miserable weather maybe I can get them planted tomorrow.

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