Sunday, June 28, 2009

2009 Garden Inventory

Today was another milestone day in the vegetable bed. Over Memorial Day Weekend, I planted this bed, including setting in the 8 tomato starts that I had purchased. Now , just over 1 month from then, it is time to add the second tier on the tomato towers. That's a lot of growth. I also discovered, while adding to the cages, the first set tomatoes. Low and deep in the plant, I found a green cluster of fruit on the "Delicious". And so it begins.

As July quickly approaches, it seems the right time to document what I have planted for this gardening season. I don't think - I have the right to change my mind- that anything else will get purchased and/or planted this year!

From Seed

Dry Bean "Good Mother Stallard" - Seed of Change
Dry Bean "Ireland Creek Annie" - Seeds of Change
Winter Squash "Delicata" - Seeds of Change
Winter Squash" Buttercup" - Seeds of Change
Winter Squash "Butternut" - Seeds of Change ( destroyed by birds)
Cosmos "Knee High - Sonata Mix" - Renee's Garden
Zinnia "Hot Crayons Colors' - Renee's Garden
Zinnia "Berry Basket" - Renee's Garden
Sunflower"Gloriosa Polyheaded" - Seeds of Change
Bachelor Buttons"Cornflower Mix' - Territorial Seed


Dahlias- 200+ plants/ misc.varieties planted from tubers
Cosmos"Sonota Carmine" - The Bookmine
Morning Glory "Flying Saucer" - Greys
Morning Glory"Heavenly Blue" - Greys
Morning Glory"Grandpa Ott" - Greys
Tomato (2) "Kellogg's Breakfast" - Down to Earth
Tomato "Sweet Million" - Greys
Tomato "Orange Blossom" - Hayhurst/Farmer's Market
Tomato"Yellow Jellybean" - Hayhurst/Farmer's Market
Tomato"Valencia" - Tomato Vendor/Farmer's Market
Tomato"Earl of Edgecomb" - Tomato Vendor/Farmer's Market
Tomato" Fireworks" - Tomato Vendor/Farmer's Market
Tomato"Red Rose" - Tomato Vendor/Farmer's Market
Tomato"Nebraska Wedding" - The Bookmine
Tomato"Bonito Ojo" - Territorial Seeds Store
Tomato"Yellow Pear" - Territorial Seeds Store
Tomato"Chocolate Cherry" -Territorial Seeds Store
Tomato"Red Alert" - Territorial Seed Store
Tomato"Master Caruso" - Territorial Seeds Store
Tomato (2) "Delicious" - Territorial Seeds Store
Tomato"Amish Paste" - Down to Earth
Tomato"Red Paste" - Down to Earth
Tomato"Roma" -Down to Earth

Newly Emerging "Ireland Creek Annie" Dry Bush Bean

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Day of Summer

Happy first day of Summer! The weather isn't cooperating though. Mother Nature seems to be hesitant to leave Spring behind and has given us sun, rain showers, and downpours today. Every half hour it changes. Out on a walk yesterday, I did notice a sign of the Summer to come. The blackberries are beginning to bloom. Before you know it, August will be here and it will be a race to pick the berries before the birds and deer get them.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Local Eating in the Summer - Meal #1

We are a day away from the official start of Summer, but I am counting tonight's dinner as our first all local meal of the Summer. Beth and I arrived at the Lane County Farmer's Market by 9:30 Am - pretty early for us! I hadn't been there for two weeks. Since that time the new arrivals included baby zucchini, cherry tomatoes and the first of the cherries. After walking the whole market we stopped at Ground Works for a Red Onion, a Walla Walla Onion, new Red Potatoes, and a pint of Strawberries. I picked up two replacement Butternut Squash starts and Beth got some Dianthus from a grower from the Fern Ridge area. The nice surprise was finding the fishing family from Winchester Bay back at the market. I hadn't seen them this year. We were hoping for some fresh Halibut, but this week they had Red Snapper and canned Dungeonous Crab. We had never tried Red Snapper, but it looked good. We got some cooking suggestions, hit the Hideaway Bakery for a Pain Au Chocolat and headed home.

Tonight I simply steamed the Red Potatoes and Beth cooked the Red Snapper in a bit of olive oil. She then topped hers with Red Curry Paste and I chose a Mustard Yogurt topping. Everything was great. The Snapper was a firmer fish, much like tuna, but very mild. I would definitely get it again.