Sunday, March 20, 2011

The First Day of Spring!

Today is the official first day of Spring! The weather is grey and overcast - a lot like Winter! But I did manage to take a walk down to the big garden and check out what's new.....

Since my last trip down the secret path, the Lamb's Tongues have burst out of the ground. Their beautiful, speckled leaves were easy to spot amongst the moss and leaf liter once I started looking. And this one already had a bud starting to push up from between its set of leaves.

And the Rice Lilies have also come flying up out of no where.

Not to be outdone, the Trillium have also appeared.

 A close-up of the speckled leaves and immature bud.

The white violets have started blooming in the lawn around the big garden. They are much more abundant than the purple violets .

Even on a soggy day, they still have sweet faces. I love the way they look to be tucked into the moss. They are so small that I can safely mow the lawn in early Spring and the violets don't get harmed. And below, the "wild" cherry trees have begun to bloom too! Happy first day of Spring !