Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Time to get Serious

Last Saturday, after visiting the Farmer's Market, we made a stop at Down to Earth. Since the calendar had changed earlier in the week, I was faced with the reality that Spring was coming! It was clearly time to get organized. I went through my old seed packets first and determined what varieties I still had left over from last year that I could use again this year. Then I made my "wish" list. I was able to get a good start on my list at Down to Earth as they carry seed from many of my favorite seed companies; Territorial, Renee's Garden, Seed Saver's Exchange, and Seeds of Change. Here is what I picked-up:
  • Winter Squash "Marina Di Chioggia" - Seed Savers Exchange
  • Winter Squash "Butternut" - Seeds of Change
  • Radish "Pink Punch" - Renee's Garden
  • Zinnia "Persian Carpet" (2) - Renee's Garden
  • Zinnia "Blue Point Bouquet" (2) - Renee's Garden

Then, Monday & Tuesday night, I hit the Internet to finish off my shopping. I tried to stay focused and tried to "keep to the list"..but I am afraid that a extra packet or two still managed to jump into the cart. I am not sure where the heck I will plant everything..but that's a worry for another day! Here's the rest of my purchases:
  • Zinnia "Bling Bling" - Renee's Garden
  • Morning Glory "Glacier Star" - Renee's Garden
  • Lettuce "Winter Density" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Lettuce "Australe" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Radish "Rudolf" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Marigold "Durango Outback Mix" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Marigold "Queen Sophia" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Marigold "Red Gem" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Marigold "Lemon Gem" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Marigold "Tangerine Gem" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Zinnia "Zahara Double Cherry" - Johnny's Selected Seeds
  • Winter Squash "Speckled Hound" - The Cook's Garden
  • Winter Squash "Delicata" - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Morning Glory "Dacapo Light Blue" - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Morning Glory "Red Picotee" - Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  • Dry Bean "Hutterite Soup" (3) - Seed Savers Exchange
  • Radish "Purple Plum" - Seed Savers Exchange


Robin said...

I think that it's that seed addiction that we all have! Just an extra pack here and can anyone resist??

icebear said...

You have far more self-restraint than i! lol

Looks like a list of good ones, Speckled Hound is a pretty looking squash. Are you planning to interplant the marigolds in the veggies or do they get their own plot or pot?

I never got my SSE catalog this year, i should have posted the Free Shipping coupon code i found for JSS orders, could have saved you more than a couple dollars.

Nellie said...

Hi Lexa! Thanks for the recommendation and the link to our online catalog, we appreciate it :)

Heather said...

Whoa, you are getting serious! Too funny about not knowing where to plant everything... sometimes we just have to wing it:)

I thought of you when I posted on my blog today... when do you start planting dahlias?

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

You've reminded me I need to think about flowers as well- I love having zinnias to cut and marigolds to plant around the veggies. Ah, always another thing. :-) Good for you for making your start to a new garden year!

An Oregon Cottage