Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out Like A Lamb.......

Well, after a month of cold, overcast, damp days, we finally got a small taste of Spring today! There were still clouds in the sky, but at least you could see some blue. And by 5:00 PM the temperature read 65 degrees. After work I was able to come home and take a small walk around the house without a coat on. This is progress! And the most exciting part of today..the return of the Swallows! There were 4 or 5 flying high in the sky when I left for work this morning. By tonight we must have had over 20 circling. They have already been checking out the houses, taking notes. I love hearing their familiar "chirping". It is finally feeling like Spring, at least for a day.

My companion for tonight's walk was thrilled with the change in the weather too. Tom-Cat quickly ran to his favorite bench and flopped.

Fortunately, he was so busy enjoying some bench time that he didn't spy this sweet little guy who was munching on the fresh, green grass. I hope that you got to enjoy this first bit of Spring weather today too!

* edited note: The newspaper reported the next day that we received at least a trace of rain everyday in March! No wonder it felt so miserable. The total rainfall was 6.24 inches, the most since March of 1997.

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Robin said...

It sounds like sring may have finally arrived for you! Tom-Cat certainly looks happy!