Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Seed Purchases

I received my Baker Creek Seed order late last week. Baker Creek is another of my favorite seed companies. They offer a mind-boggling assortment of GMO- free seed. Their catalog is a visual feast for the eyes. I have spent many a happy Winter evening lost in its descriptions and pictures.

Sadly, I didn't have a lot to order from them this year. I am trying very hard to use up old, but viable, seed before I purchase any thing new. I did pick-up two packets;

"Delicata" Winter Squash - 100 days. "High sugar content. Fruit are 1-3 pounds each, and skin color is rust-white with green stripes.Delicate sweet flavor. This old heirloom was introduced in 1894 by Peter Henderson & Co."

"Good Mother Stallard" Pole Bean - 95-90 days. "Gorgeous, plump maroon-and-white beans are great in soups, where their creamy texture and hearty, nutty flavor really shine. Generations of gardeners have grown this pole variety that yields 5-6 beans per pod - outstandingly productive! Originally introduced by our friend Glenn Drowns. Superior in baked beans, and also makes a fine shell bean."

I also received one free seed packet in my order. An old favorite flower that I haven't grown for years;

"Love-In-A-Mist Mixed Colors" Nigella Hispanica " A splendid mix of colors with wispy  feathery foliage surrounding the beautiful blue, white, pink, and purplish-blue blooms. Love-in-a-mist dates back to English gardens of the 1570's. A very attractive flowering plant".

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