Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Third Rose

There are three roses down by the big garden. The first two are located right by the garden gate, inside the deer fence. They are June bloomers and for the most part are done for the year. The third rose is located outside the garden gate, about twenty feet to the left. It is in an area that I think the former gardener Dorothy had some sort of flower garden many, many years ago. In the Spring Scilla bulbs pop up in the underbrush and bloom. And every July it is the rose's turn. It has been completely surrounded by blackberry vines over the years. I have only a general idea where its main crown might actually be planted. Each year it sends new canes arching out of the berry patch, searching for sunshine and elbowroom. This year all of the rose canes are buried within the blackberries and I had to go searching for my yearly blooms. At least the deer don't get them this way!

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