Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today in the Vegetable Bed

Yesterday morning, as I was doing my morning tour of the vegetable garden, I spied some color underneath the gigantic leaves of the "Yellow Patty Pan" Summer Squash. When I lifted up the leaves I found this immature fruit and bloom. The first of the season! I thought it would be a few days before the bloom opened, but...

this morning I found this! How pretty. Unfortunately, there aren't any opened male blossoms, so this little squash is doomed to not pollinate and drop off. But, if you look closely at the above picture, you will see a much tinier squash to the right of the larger, blooming one. The plant has loads of these coming along , as well as male blossoms. Harvest time should start in just a few weeks.

Next door, the "Mars" red onions are doing just great. They continue to grow some everyday it seems.

Some of the largest are actually starting to form sizable bulbs. Not quite ready to harvest for hamburgers, but they are getting there.

And I discovered my first set tomato on the "Black Krim" plant. It was really tucked deep inside the foliage, low on the plant.

Lastly, yet another picture of the "Feringa" morning glory. Sorry, but I am just loving this plant and its two different colored blooms.

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