Monday, July 5, 2010

Sprouting Beans

I noticed yesterday that the beans down in the big garden were starting to push up the soil in mini eruptions. With the sunny weather yesterday, I was greeted with quite a few germinated beans when I went down to the garden this morning. Pictured above is one of the "Hutterite Soup " beans. They are really coming up, with good germination rates. Now I just need the Robins to leave them alone.

On the other side of the dahlias is the "Bingo" Pole bean tower. They are germinating a bit slower, but are larger plants then the "Hutterite Soup" beans once they push through the dirt and stand straight up.

Here are a few of the "Bingo" Pole Beans that have broken through the soil. The weather forecast is calling for the temperatures to climb to 95 degrees in the next two days. This will be a bit of a shock to both the plants and the people ! We just haven't consistently had many warm, sunny days yet this year. In preparation , I watered everything in the big garden and the vegetable garden tonight.

With today being a work holiday, I managed to plant dahlias both this morning and after dinner. I got 12 potted plants settled each round. So now I am looking at 126 planted and 74 left to go! Pictured above are two healthy, young "Hillcrest Kismet" - a BB formal decorative that is a light blend of pink and lavender. I grew one plant of it last year for the first time and fell in love with it. So now I have 3 plants this year!

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Beth said...

Way to go! 63% planted! Now you will need all your time to water!