Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

Today Beth & I made it down to the Farmer's Market. We tried to get there a bit earlier because it is suppose to hit the mid-nineties today. We started with Breakfast. Beth opted for a breakfast burrito and I got a Pain au Chocolat. Once we were well fortified, we hit the stalls. We pulled together a wonderful, all-local dinner. Fresh albacore, new red potatoes and sweet corn.

It really felt like Summer today at the market. Both the hot weather and the arrival of all the warm weather crops. This was a beautiful  display of basil.

And lovely slicing tomatoes. This stand had two huge piles of them, that were being quickly snapped up.

I was most excited to see the sweet corn! That means Summer to me. This was a white corn and 3 ears went home for dinner. It didn't have a variety name. The two other farms that had corn were both selling "Bodacious", the commonly grown sweet corn in this area.

Berries continue to be abundant at all the stands.

Green Beans have arrived as the Peas fade out for the season.

These bundled "Chipollini" Onion were so pretty and a rare variety to see for sale.

These "Early Laxton" Plums were almost gone. This stand also was sold out of the first peaches and apricots.

These were the first peppers that I have seen for sale this year. Another sign of Summer.

Locally grown cantaloupe. No small feat there. Very impressive, especially this year!

Flowers at the market have transitioned to mid-summer varieties as well. There were lots and lots of beautiful lilies in bloom, both oriental and day-lilies.

And you can't talk about Summer and plants without having lavender in the discussion.

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