Friday, July 30, 2010

The first dahlia bloom of the year

When I walked down to the garden this morning some color at the far end caught my eye. The first open dahlia bloom of the year! Or to be more exact, the first two open blooms of the year. Both blooms were on plants of "Raeann's Peach" a single dark blend of orange & red. Hybridized by Wayne Lobaugh of Chehalis Washington, it was released in 2008. Until I saw it at a dahlia show, I wasn't a fan of the Single form of dahlias. But "Raeann's Peach" has changed my mind! In the sea of green that is the dahlia patch below, you can clearly make out the glowing blooms on the left.


NEURON said...

This is really beautiful. I must get into my garden tomorrow with the camera .
Thanks for visiting my page.

Heather said...

Absolutely stunning!

icebear said...

Its beautiful, it reminds me of a child's pinwheel... a delightful association. I love flowers with the yellow/orange/peach blend, so cheerful.