Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Blooms - Day 2

After an overcast, cool morning, the sun broke through the clouds about 2 PM. When I finally made it down to the big garden later in the afternoon I was pleased to discover 3 more dahlia blooms had opened. Pictured above is "Kelsey Sunshine" a collarette form in yellow with white petaloids. This is its first year in release and I was thrilled when a friend and fellow dahlia grower offered me an extra tuber. I had tried to order it this year but it had already sold out.

Also opening up today is "Jacs Sashay" another collarette form. This one is a dark blend of purple & red with white petaloids. It is a bit more purple than the above photo shows. The third variety open today was single blooms on two plants of "Nicole C", a miniature cactus form in orange. It isn't a large plant, but it is already just covered in buds.

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