Friday, July 23, 2010

The Barn Swallows - Part 2

Ten days ago, I posted about our many swallow families that we have this summer. Just this week, most of the Violet-Green Swallow babies have left the nests and the houses are now empty. The Barn Swallows, however, are still feeding and growing. And we learned in the last week that we don't have 3 babies like we thought- but there are 4 as you can see. The beautifully crafted nest that seemed so big when the parents built it is now filled to the rafters. Yesterday afternoon I discovered 2 of the babies out of the nest, 1 on the ground. Thankfully all 3 outdoor cats were inside at the time. I grabbed a ladder and after a bit of chasing returned both to the safety of the nest. Hopefully they have learned their lesson!


Heather said...

I love how they have to grown into their beaks; they are so big!

Lucky little bird that you found it first:)

NEURON said...

They look so content in their nest.