Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Temperatures Rising!

Just as promised, the temperature the last few days has increased by almost 10 degrees a day. We were just in the 70's 2 days ago. It's a little bit hard on both the people and the plants. Every year, when it starts to get really warm, I am always reminded that the cats know how to stay cool and comfortable better than anyone else.

Cleo picked the bottom, empty shelf of a plant display stand. Cool and private.

Parvati went for her comfortable old carpet sample in the shade.

And it was no surprise to find Tom-Cat sacked out on his favorite bench.

I think it looks like he is smiling as he sleeps! Stay cool as a cat everyone !


Beth said...

No one does comfort like a cat!

Heather said...

Those cats look exactly how I feel! Another hot one today... though you won't find me complaining after our ssslllooowww start to summer:)

Having to water a couple of times a day in the garden with this heat... all by hand, which gets a little tedious, but it really makes me slow down and appreciate all my blessings. How great is it that we can grow our own food?! And so fun to be surrounded by all these little bird families... hope you are able to get a picture of your quail soon. They are so funny to watch. The crack me up; we have them on our driveway and the way they run down the middle to get away from the car until they figure out the have to actually get off the road is pretty humourous.

Stay Cool!

Heather said...

ps. I meant to say...
I love Tom-cats ear~ classic.