Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another hot one..

Another, sunny hot day today. It was different from yesterday though, as we had some high clouds come in around 3 PM. After that it became increasingly sticky and muggy. Tonight was the first night working down in the garden where I was just plain hot and sweaty. Ugh! On the brighter side of things, I can almost see the tomatoes growing each day. I need to get out the top tiers for the cages now. And the plants are really beginning to bloom.

Here is a pretty truss of blooms on "Persimmon". Every tomato plant in the vegetable garden is blooming now. Hopefully this high heat will not cause the blooms to not set fruit and drop.

After dinner we made it down to the garden and got 12 more dahlia planted. Then we gave everything a good, deep watering. So far all the plants appear to be holding up just fine in the heat. I now have 169 dahlias planted and just 31 left to go. Pictured above are two plants of "Sorbet", a B sized semi-cactus bloom that is a dark blend of dark red and white.

Here is the last group left to plant. The end is in sight! Hurray! We finished planting and watering at 9 PM and headed back to the house where we were delighted to discover an ice cream run had been delivered! We sat on the front porch, cooled off and watched the lovely sunset.

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Dan@retrooregon said...

Amen to that sister! Pass the iced tea, please. :)