Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Big Garden Inventory 2010

For last week's Tuesday Garden Party post, I gave the inventory of the vegetable bed up next to the house. Today I will give a complete inventory of everything growing down in the big garden. As you can see in the above picture, what this garden lacks in sunshine, its setting makes up for in beauty. It is situated on a gentle, downhill slope. Behind the back fence and the rows of ash trees is a large seasonal creek. The garden is surrounded by a 6 foot deer fence with 2 feet of barbed-wire on top of that. What really makes this garden special is the fact that I am its second "caretaker". The original owners of the property, Howard & Dorothy, gardened here their whole married lives so someone has had a garden here for at least 60 plus years. It's a neat thing to be part of that continuity.

As you enter the garden, the first five rows have bush beans, cut flowers and tomatoes. The poor flower seed was planted so late I don't have a lot of hope for blooms this year, but we shall see.

The large middle section of the garden holds the dahlia plants. It feels so good to have them all planted now and growing well.

At the far end of the garden I have my pole beans, cantaloupe, squash, and morning glories. So here is a recap of everything planted this year:


Bush Bean (58) - "Hutterite Soup" - Seed Savers Exchange
Bachelor Button - "Polka Dot Mix" -  Hume Seed
Zinnia - "Persian Carpet" - Renee's Garden
Cosmos - "Kneehigh Sonota Mix" - Renee's Garden
Pole Bean (17) - "Bingo" - Territorial Seed
Cantaloupe (4) - "Canoe Creek Colossal" - Seed Savers Exchange
Winter Squash (6) - "Chimimen" - Territorial Seed


Tomato (1) - "San Francisco Fog" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Orange Blossom" - Log House Plants
Tomato (1) - "Moonglow" - Log House Plants
Tomato (2) - "Valley Girl" - Unknown
Tomato (2) - "Taxi" - Unknown
Morning Glory (1) - "Grandpa Ott" - Log House Plants (gone due to rabbit!)
Morning Glory (1) - "Blue Star" - Log House Plants
Morning Glory (1) - "Milky Way" - Log House Plants
Morning Glory (1) - "Crimson Rambler" -Log House Plants
Morning Glory (1) - "Scarlet O'hara" - Log House Plants
Morning Glory (1) - "Sunrise Serenade" - Log House Plants
Mina Lobata (1) - "Jungle Queen" - Log House Plants
Dahlias (199) - misc varieties

A row of "Hutterite Soup" Bush Beans. They seem to be doing ok in the shade.

A look down the dahlia rows. Two plants of "Creekside Volcano" are front & center.

The "Bingo" Pole Beans. Although these were planted weeks later, they seem to have almost caught up with the same variety planted up in the vegetable garden.

A hill of "Chimimen" Winter Squash. I really love the look of their two-toned leaves.


Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

What a lovely garden--you have so much room! You are growing seed varieties that I haven't tried before, so I'd love to know at the end of the season if you were happy with them. And those dahlias are going to be amazing when they are all in bloom--please do post a picture of that! The leaves on your winter squash are beautiful. My first dahlia bloomed this week. My morning glories have tended to reseed from year to year, so I have a dark purple variety starting to bloom now. The new seed I planted earlier didn't germinate at all!

zentmrs said...

Your garden is amazing! I wish mine was so well organized... and that I had that kind of space. Just beautiful - thanks for sharing!

Ott, A. said...

You have the cleanest (weed free) garden I have ever seen. It is beautiful, all your rows are straight and your plants look so healthy. You make me want to get out and weed mine some more. :) Thanks for posting!
a Latte with Ott, A

Ann Flowers said...

Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.

The Tidy Brown Wren said...

Your garden is as pretty as a picture.

Heather said...

I am so impressed with your organization! The garden looks terrific... will you be preserving a lot when it comes in?

Jami said...

Lovely garden and lovely heritage! Thanks for sharing this at the Tuesday Garden Party.