Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Under Attack

Tonight started like so many other nights down in the big garden. Dad had picked up another 2 scoops of Nature's Best today, so we began the evening by driving down the pickup and off loading all of the new soil. So far so good. But then, as we started to water all of the dahlias, I noticed something. Someone - a rabbit I am sure - had eaten a good bit of one of the dahlias. Then I really began to look around. Yikes! I found a total of 9 dahlias that has been munched sometime in the last two days, 4 of them pretty badly. Even the growing tips had been eaten on a few of them, like both of my "Tahoma Alicia" plants, pictured above. My garden was under attack! There was no point in planting anymore dahlias until the garden was protected from the rabbits. So it was time for a big change of plans. We gathered all of the metal poles and fencing that I had purchased 4 years ago when the rabbits had been a big problem. We brought everything down to the garden and then around 8:00 PM began to work as fast as we could setting it all up.Thank goodness it's June 24th and there is daylight until 9:30. We were able to get everything fenced except for a 20' section in the back. My fingers are crossed the rabbits won't find the gap tonight.

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