Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Misty Afternoon and Rainy Evening

As promised the rain returned today. What started as showers in the afternoon switched over to a downpour by 8:00 PM. It certainly wasn't a day to work in the garden. But we still had a 20' gap in our rabbit fence to fix so after dinner Dad and I grabbed raincoats and headed down to the garden. It look one full roll of fencing plus 4' of another to close our gap. Thankfully it appears as if none of the bunnies found the opening in the fence last night so there was no further damage to the dahlias or other cut flowers. Now I just need the garden to dry out so we can begin planting once again. *Note- we received 9/10 of an inch of total rainfall today. That will certainly help green up the fields and fill up the creek once again.

Here is one of the dozens of rabbits that are roaming our property this year. We seem to be in a "peak" year, with bunny numbers like we had back in 2010. Everywhere you travel, there are rabbits large and small hopping out of the way.

Before we headed down to the big garden, I did take a quick moment to plant three more "Poletschka" pole beans in the kitchen garden. These were some of the plants that I started in 1" pots after the voles ate most of the seed that I planted in the ground.

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