Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's Time to Make A Plan

I began my day working down in the big garden. I worked raking the ground level and setting out stakes for each row of dahlias. I ending up getting 5 more rows set up, for a total of 6 rows completed.


Dorothy's rose by the garden gate is in full bloom. I also have a really nice crop of hairy vetch climbing through the rose. I think the hot pink of the rose and the intense purple of the vetch look so pretty together.

As you can see my potted dahlias are growing well. I took the time this afternoon to check on each potted tuber that hadn't yet poked out of the soil. Most of them were close, but a few tubers just weren't producing any measurable growth.So I tossed those tubers and made a note of the new variety totals. With the garden layout 1/2 complete, it was time- past time really - to make a master map for the big garden.Yikes, 18 rows of dahlias this year! The most ever, even with the tubers that I tossed today. At this point it looks like I will have 242 potted plants to set in.

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