Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last Tilling of the Year

Tonight, right after work, we headed down to the garden and gave it the 3rd and final tilling of the year. Dad actually tilled the whole garden twice. First it was completely tilled going back on forth vertically, making many short trips. We felt that would help push down some of the "hills" that appear in the garden after multiple tillings. Once that round was finished he then tilled the garden horizontally in long passes as we normally do. The combination of both tillings worked well. The garden ended up as smooth as it has in a number of years. It should make the setting out of my rows go a little easier this year. It was also finally much drier tonight too. The soil was only sticking to the tractor's wheel in just a few spots.

As Dad worked, a couple of clever Robins arrived. They quickly went to work pulling out worms in the freshly tilled soil.

I busied myself cleaning the garden gate. Each year it always get covered with tree pollen and a fine layer of dirt. I washed both sides and gave my glass dragonfly a good cleaning as well. It looks so much better now.

In the hedgerow, between the garden and the road, I noticed that the Indian Plum are slowly turning from yellow to a deep purple. As they ripen, someone has begun eating them too!

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