Sunday, June 29, 2014

Planting Day #7

A nice day to work outside. The sun kept breaking though the clouds but we only hit a high of 75 degrees. I started my morning in the kitchen garden. The first thing that I noticed was this pretty "Delicata" blossom. It's my first Winter Squash blossom on any of the three varieties. Unfortunately, I never saw a bee working around it. The lack of bees this year continues to be a deep concern.

Since I harvested all of the "Nicola" potatoes last night, I now had a nice open area where the two grow bags used to sit. I knew just what to put there! I still haven't planted the 12 "Minnesota Migit" cantaloupe that I started from seed in May.

I was planning on planting them all down in the big garden but thought it would be a fun experiment to plant four of them in the kitchen garden. The kitchen garden receives much more sun than the big garden does, so I would expect that they might do better up here. I have never successfully grown a cantaloupe before, so I am pretty excited to see how this variety performs.

After dinner we went down to the big garden to see if it had finally dried out enough to start planting once again. Yesterday we tried to plant but the wet clay built up so fast on the wheel of the wheelbarrow that it made it impossible to push. Thankfully today's sunbursts were enough to do the trick, so we were able to get 19 dahlias planted tonight for a total of 131. Pictured below, "Porcelain" a white waterlily.

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