Thursday, June 5, 2014

Garlic Scapes

Just this last weekend, I was watering my garlic and purposefully looked to see if the plants had started sending up their scapes. At that point here was still no sign of them. So you can imagine my surprise when I glanced over at the garden last night and saw that both varieties suddenly had scapes. 

I love the architectural beauty of garlic scapes. They twist and turn and no two grow exactly the same. I am really hoping to harvest my scapes this year and try pickling them. I have found some recipes on the web and am anxious to try one out. Pictured above, a "Russian Red" plant and below, the "Chesnook Red".

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Mindy said...

I made pasta tonight for dinner with scapes I got at the farmer's market. Soooooo good. I just love them. How exciting that you can walk outside and pick part of dinner already!