Monday, June 9, 2014

And More Rows

After a very busy Monday at work, I tried to fit in as much garden time as I could tonight. I started by planting my "Poletschka" dry beans. This is the same variety of bean that I planted directly in the kitchen garden last week. The very next day, when I went to check on them, every bean had mysteriously been 'sucked" downward in the row and was gone. My guess is that a vole ate them but that's truly just a guess. So, on to plan B! I pre-soaked another handful the last two days. Tonight I planted each one in a individual 2" pot. I am going to let them sprout and grow just a little bit, before I transfer them into the kitchen garden. Hopefully this technique will foil the vole. 

When this project was completed I headed back down to the big garden. I had hoped to lay out another 6 rows but it was hard, slow going tonight. The middle section of the garden seems to have dried the slowest and definitely has the most clay dirt clods. My leveling with the rake was tiring and I ended up completing just four rows before I called it a night. Still, I now have 10 rows finished, so I am over the halfway point.

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