Sunday, June 22, 2014

Planting Day #6

Another busy planting day down in the big garden. I started the morning by planting 16 more dahlias. Then in the evening we came back and got another 16 in the ground, for a daily total of 32 . That makes the total number of dahlias planted so far at 112. I am really close to being 1/2 way done.

Here are two newly planted "Tahoma Alicia". It is always one of the first dahlias to bloom in my garden each year.

In the afternoon, between dahlia planting sessions, I brought down my tray of cosmos and zinnia starts and got them all planted in the two rows that I had earlier prepared. In the first row I set in 21 plants of cosmos "Mixed Seashell".

In the row right next to that one I planted 12 starts of cosmos "Kneehigh Sonata Mix" and 5 starts of the zinnia "Raspberry Sorbet". All of those little plants are going to be so much happier now, out of their cramped cells and settled into the ground. I know that within just a few days they will take off growing.

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Barb said...

Can't wait to see all your beautiful dahlias!