Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Salad Beds - Week #6

What a difference a week makes. This last week we enjoyed our first spell of nice weather this year, with the last three days all hitting at least 70 degrees. Suddenly, I needed to be mindful of the kitchen garden each day and water. But my young plants loved the warm days and their growth seemed to explode. My whole "Mild Mustard Mix" section is doing great. I Like the combination on rounded leaves and jagged leaves.

Next to it the "Renee's Baby Leaf Blend" is also doing really well. I think I will be able to cut my first small harvest next weekend.

A close-up of those delicate young leaves.

In the next bed over I have my "mistake bed" where I under planted  the "Catalina" spinach with the "Wasabi" arugula. So far the spinach is winning this battle. Hopefully some of the arugula will get enough room and light to mature.

Next to those two I am growing  a 1/2 bed of "Sweet Greens and Red" lettuce. It is doing well but the red lettuce varieties are growing at a much faster rate than the green varieties in this mix. I don't know if that is common trait among all Red Lettuce or just the type in this mix. But either way, the pretty little green ruffled lettuce in this group better hurry it up.

A close-up of this bed.

The last raised bed is quite a bit farther behind than the other two. I did plant the "Charger" spinach two weeks after everything else, so it has an excuse.

But I am really disappointed in the "Heirloom Cutting Mix" lettuce. This variety did so well for me last year. But with the exception of the far left row, the germination was really poor this year. I guess the lesson learned is to always buy fresh lettuce seed each year. I do love this mix, especially the "Speckled Troutback" lettuce pictured below.

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