Monday, April 11, 2016

The First Greens Harvest of the Year

A bed of "Heirloom Cutting Mix" lettuce

Yesterday evening I harvested my first picking of salad greens. These three raised beds were seeded back on February 13th, as an experiment to see how early I could plant, and then harvest, salad greens in this mild El Nino year. Last year I planted seed on April 12th and had my first harvest May 25th. So, it took much longer for the plants to mature this year - due I am sure to cooler temperature and less daylight in February and March, but I was still able to push my first harvest date back 6 weeks. I would call this a success!

A vibrant bed of "Sweet Greens and Reds" Lettuce

My crazy bed of Catalina" spinach and ""Wasabi" arugula. Yes, this was a seeding mistake but I am rolling with it! May the toughest plants survive. 

" Renee's Baby Leaf Blend" lettuce

With the Spring "heat wave" we had this past week, with high temperatures reaching 80 degrees, all of the greens really took off. Their growth in just one week was significant.

"Mild Mustard Mix"

So, I don't have a huge harvest total to report, but I am pleased with my first harvest all the same;
  • "Heirloom Cutting Mix" Lettuce - .4 oz.
  • "Catalina" Spinach - 1.0 oz.
  • "Sweet Greens and Reds" Lettuce - .5 oz.
  • "Renee's Baby Leaf Blend" Lettuce - .2 oz
  • "Mild Mustard Mix" Mustard - .6 oz
  • Total harvest 2.7 oz


Dave @ HappyAcres said...

Those are some lovely greens! And I would call 6 weeks earlier a big success too. Mine have been slow to take off this spring but they have been coming in steady now.

Margaret said...

Yum yum and definitely a success! You are harvesting & I only sowed my lettuce seeds (indoors) yesterday. I do have itty bitty overwintered spinach in the garden, however, and I'm hoping it will give me a wee harvest once the weather starts warming up in the next week or so.

Michelle said...

Six weeks is a huge jump on the season, success indeed! And they all look so healthy too.

Susie said...

How exciting, your greens look wonderful - way ahead of mine for sure!

Sue Garrett said...

You have a grea variety if salad leaves there.