Sunday, April 24, 2016

Merel's Favorite Daffodil

Back on March 5th, we planted 25 bulbs of the daffodil "Merel's Favorite". These bulbs had been sitting in a box in the garage since last October, so they were more than ready to be planted.

The good news is, the bulbs were still firm and viable when we planted them. And now, since they went in so late, we have a pretty display of daffodils in late April!

I think the color combination of white petals with yellow trumpets is my very favorite, so I am really loving this variety. "Merel's Favorite"  has rounded, pure-white petals and a very vibrant, long, yellow trumpet.

Not quite all of the bulbs produced flowers this year, which isn't a surprise considering the stress we put them through. Still, from 25 planted bulbs we have 29 blooms to enjoy. Here's hoping they settle in and come back even stronger next year.

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