Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Liberty Apple Tree

My "Liberty" apple tree that I had grafted and brought home a year ago from the Spring Propagation Fair is doing well, I am happy to report. It had a challenging first Summer in the ground. Temperatures were in the nineties consistently for months and it didn't get as much watering as it probably needed. Both my "Chehalis" & "Spartan" trees died above the graft but this "Liberty" managed to survive. The rubber band around the graft deteriorated and fell off last Fall The graft has healed over and the tree is now one unit. It put out one 5" new shoot last year and now that branch has sprouts up and down its length. I am hoping a cooler Summer and better care on my part allows this tree to make big strides in its growth this second year.

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Barb said...

I hope the little tree has a great summer.