Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Few Plant Purchases

Today I was on a mission, running various errands all over town. But I did manage to find the time to make a quick stop at The Lane County Farmers Market and Down to Earth. At both places a few plants jumped into my basket!
  • "Candy" Onion - a yellow skinned sweet onion. Not a keeper, so I harvest and use this one throughout the Summer
  • "Red Wing" Onion - This hybrid red onion is a large one that is suited to Northern climates. Perfect for fresh salads and slicing. It keeps longer than any other red onion and the internal color gets deeper red during storage.
  • "Snow Crown" Cauliflower - An early, adaptable variety. Good quality, medium-sized white heads. 2 lbs. heads are 7"-8" across. An AAS winner.
  • "Red Riding Hood" Penstemon Schmidel - Zone 5-6; Partial to full Sun. Covered in bright red tubular flowers on long stems. 24' X 30" tall by 18' X 24" wide. Blooms in the Summer. The goal of the Dutch breeders of the Riding Hood series was to breed plants with excellent Winter hardiness, a compact growth habit, a longer flowering season, and numerous showy flowers.

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