Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Continuing to Plant the Spring Kitchen Garden

This past weekend, I had hoped to get my onions planted. But like so many things on my "to-do" list it didn't get done. So this week, after work and dinner, I have been puttering in the Kitchen Garden, getting it ready for some serious Springtime planting. I had to start by re-weeding the whole area. The rainfall that we have received, combined with the very warm temperatures, has been the perfect recipe for weeds. It took two night to get most of the area weeded. Then tonight, with Dad's help, I rebuilt a long raised bed. Then I planted 16 "Pontiac" onion starts purchased last weekend at Down to Earth.

"Pontiac" is a hybrid, disease resistant, yellow storage onion. It has a very large size potential and strong, bronze colored skin that protects the bulb well in storage.

I was pleased to get all of the young plants settled in tonight as we are expecting a rainy day on Friday and I was hoping to have them planted before the rain hit. I will plant the rest of this raised bed with a fresh use onion variety, but I haven't purchased those plants yet. I finished the evening by planting a small bunch of chives in the corner of the garden. I have always loved the happy, purple chive blooms that appear each Spring. I am hoping over time this clump will increase and I will be able to enjoy freshly cut chives in the future.

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