Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Late Season Daffodils

As the calendar marches along, so does the daffodil season. We are now enjoying what I call our Late Season daffodils. These varieties are the last to open for us each year. While it's wonderful to be able to enjoy these blooms it is also bittersweet because once they are done, we are finished with daffodils for another year.

Down by the road, we have two amazing clumps of "Passionale" daffodils.

These pure white daffodils have a soft peach trumpet.

They have come back reliably year after year.

On the other side of our gate is this group of "Roulette" daffoldils.

This white daff's trumpet is yellow, with the outside ringed in orange.

One of my favorite daffodils is "Holland Sensation". We have planted it twice over the years, and both times it hasn't done well for us. This clump is down to 2 blooms this year. I do love its soft, almost frosted yellow trumpet.

Over in the meadow we have two patches of "Golden Ducet" daffodils. Both groups return reliably each year. It is certainly unique, with its crazy, cut up petals and trumpet.

When we first stared planting daffodils, we planted two clumps each of "Fortune" and "Fortissimo" in the meadow. Over the years each variety has diminished before completely dying out. But to our surprise this year, we had 5 "Fortune" and 2 "Fortissimo" return this year.

The 2 "Fortissimo" are spread out about 10 feet from each other now. Either one came back from each of the two clumps we planted, or a underground rodent did some bulb moving!

Up on the bank we have a nice patch of "Serola" daffodils. These were planted many years ago. While they all didn't naturalize, enough did that we have a cheery group here each Spring.

"Serola" isn't a quiet daffodil! It has bright, lemon yellow petals with short, vibrant-orange trumpets.

I don't think any daffodil that we have planted has done as well as the drifts of "Flower Record" up on the bank. Even the group planted around the base of the ginkgo tree, which gets watered heavily all Summer, returns with vigor year after year.

Unfortunately, with all of the warm weather we have had this past week, the "Flower Records" are already fading. I don't think they have been blooming for more then a week.

Closer to the shop we have a small clump of "Decoy" daffodils.

This pretty variety has white petals and a salmon-pink trumpet.

Back in the flowerbeds, we have a small group of "Thalia" daffodils. These Victorian beauties have a sweet fragrance and each stem has multiple white blooms.

In the corner of the front flowerbed is my clump of "Jamestown" daffodils. I brought these bulbs back from my trip to Maine in 2012 and they have returned reliably ever since. They have a unique bloom. The petals are quite rounded and the yellow trumpet is very shallow,ruffled, and flat.

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You have so many! I love them all.