Saturday, April 2, 2016

Opening Weekend of The Farmer's Market

Today kicked off the official opening of the Lane County Farmer's Market. While the Market has been running for the last few months, it had shortened hours and a limited number of vendors. Today most all of the vendors were present and the Saturday Craft Market was open as well. Even though we just left Winter a brief few weeks ago, the Market vendors still had an amazing abundance of produce and other foods for sale. This beautiful Rainbow Swiss Chard caught my eye at the very first stall.

Spinach is a productive cool weather crop and there was no chortage of it for sale today.

One of my favorite places to buy plant starts is Mountain View Farm. Their booth was packed with tempting , healthy young plant starts. With the warm weather it was so tempting to buy tomatoes and peppers but I know better. I will be back for some onion plants in a few weeks and tomatoes and peppers in Mid-May.

They have a nice selection of both sweet and hot pepper plants.

The other vendor from whom I purchase plants starts is Hayhurst Farms.  This beautiful Mustard immediately caught my eye at their booth. I might have to try this variety next year.

Radish is another cold weather crop that was well represented. 

Lonesome Whistle Farm  is a wonderful resource for your local foods community. They specialize in grains, beans and corn. Today they had baskets of unique grains that you could buy and mill at home.

We are just entering asparagus season in the Willamette Valley and the few vendors who had asparagus to sell were doing a brisk business.

A basket of purple flowering broccoli. And below, an end of season sale on fruit trees. At just $5-14 each, many trees were getting snatched up. It was a perfect first Saturday for the Market to begin.

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