Monday, August 1, 2011

August First & the Everything is Green

As you may know, we had heavy rainfall this year in both May & June. July even saw 2" fall during one stormy week. While this has made gardening a challenge it isn't without its benefits. As the calendar switched to August today I was amazed to look at our neighbor's field. Normally by the 4th of July, this pasture has turned brown.While it is just beginning to get a few brown spots,  it is for the most part still green and growing.

And across the road our field is a lush, horses dream!

Another reminder of all that rainfall are the two seasonal creeks. Again, in a "normal year" they both would have run dry sometime in July. But this year, even the smallest of the two not only has water but it is still flowing just the tiniest bit if you listen carefully. That's good news for all of the wild critter looking for a drink.

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