Friday, August 12, 2011

Full Sturgeon Moon

Tonight after work and dinner I went down to the big garden for a relaxing evening of weeding. I got quite a bit done. I only have 3 rows of bush beans left and then all of the rows will be weeded. Then it will be onto the dahlias! But it is already looking so much better. That week of heavy rain that we had in July germinated every weed seed in the garden I think. But if I can get it all weeded now, perhaps it won't be so bad this Fall when more regular rain starts up again. I did have some new dahlia blooms to admire during my weeding breaks. Pictured above, "Stoneleigh Joyce" a red Pom.

And I have my first bloom of "Pooh"  a bi-colored collarette of red and yellow.

New for me this year is "Frank Kafka" a miniature ball in lavender.

After weeding I went back up to the house and enjoyed dessert on the back patio as the sun when down. We soon noticed that moon rising above the shop roof in between some Fir trees. Tonight is August's Full moon. The Native American tribes from the Eastern US and the Northern Great Lakes Region are credited with naming the Full moon in each month. The most common name for the August Moon is the Sturgeon Moon but it has also been called the Full Red Moon, The Green Corn Moon, and the Grain Moon.

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Heather said...

Wow, Lexa, great photo of the moon... I am never quite able to capture what my eye sees to the photo my camera takes. Bravo!

The dahlias are gorgeous, as usual:) I love the balls. I only have two kinds growing here; the perfect red and then some yellow ones the size of dinner plates. I'll have to peruse your collection when I am ready to get more!