Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zinnia Blooms

I spent most of my free time today down in the big garden continuing my weeding project. I ended up getting five dahlia rows done so I feel good about that. I am starting to get more and more color in the garden every day it seems. I now have the first blooms open on two varieties of Zinnias that I started from seed this Spring. First off, the "Zahara Double Cherry" are starting to bloom. They are smaller plants, about 8" tall. They are branching like crazy though and are going to be covered in blooms in a few weeks. I am surprised by their color however. I assumed with Cherry in the name that they would be bright red. In fact they all seem to be what I would describe as hot pink. Oh well, they are very pretty none the less.

I also have the first bloom open on a "Blue Point " Zinnia today. It's a lovely, happy shade of bright yellow. After I finished up for the night I came across this little fellow sunning in the road. I haven't run across many snakes this Summer, perhaps due to our cooler weather. He wasn't very happy having his picture taken so I finished quickly and headed home.

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Mindy said...

I love zinnias with all my heart. I plant them every year and this year, they already have mildew. It does NOT make me a happy camper. Dang Oregon weather.