Sunday, August 28, 2011

Heavenly Blue Indeed!

Its taken it all Summer, but the "Heavenly Blue" morning glory is finally blooming. I am now seeing 10+ open blooms a day and they are amazing! There are so few flowers with true blue blooms - delphiniums, himalayan poppies, and hydrangea among them. Each has its own unique shade of blue.

This morning glory has such an electric tone, set off with its darker blue star and white & yellow throat. The "Heavenly Blue" is growing up a post between two tomato cages. It just glows in this section of the garden and draws your eyes every time. I might have had to wait for this show, but it has certainly been worth it!

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Dorothy-Life With Boys said...

"Heavenly Blue" got me hooked on morning glories 13 years ago...they are just the prettiest and happiest flowers!!!