Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Lavender Allee

I am afraid that my Lavender Allee has been completely neglected this year. I never got around to doing the early Spring weeding and we haven't cut back any of the meadow grass around the plants. Despite all of this, the plants are in full bloom and are doing really well.

The plants are in peak bloom right now which is about 3 weeks later than normal.

The best news is they are chock full of bees. As I knelt down to take these pictures, I could hear a constant buzzing coming from all of the plants. It looked like most of the bees were honey bees, perhaps from a neighbors hives.

There were also a smaller amount of my favorites, the bumble bees. Next year I have to find the time to replace dead plants, weed, and keep the grass down. The lavender is so pretty at a time of year where many other plants are winding down and provides so much important food to the pollinators. Plus it smells divine!

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