Saturday, July 16, 2011

More July Rain!

Our cold and wet weather continues! Last night, at about midnight, it began to pour. It rained hard much of the night and the showers continued on and off today. Needless to say I didn't get any more dahlias planted today. The rain seems to be done now, although the sky is still charcoal grey with low hanging clouds. I just emptied the rain guage and this storm dumped another 1/2 inch! Will we ever get any hot, dry weather this Summer?

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icebear said...

If i could trade you half of our hot and dry days for half of your cool, rainy days, we'd both have a perfect balance.
Its been so dry here we've had to water more than we like to. We haven't broken any records but our temps have been on the high end of the normal range.

Do dahlias do pretty well in cool summers or do they prefer the hot and dryer weather?
I've only grown them once from tubers and that was when i was a teen. I didn't store the tubers correctly and they didn't make it to the next summer.