Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Big Move

We started today by moving the dahlias from the house down to the big garden. We weren't able to get them all in the back of the pickup but I bet we moved close to 140 of them. Normally I move about 40 at a time, plant them, and then move the next batch. But this year I felt then need to get them all down to the garden quickly since the deer have started chomping on them.

It made for kind of an impressive sight, all of these 1-gallon pots full of healthy young plants. It also made me realize what a HUGE job I have ahead of me, transplanting them all into the garden.

We off loaded the dahlias and got them in their new temporary home behind the morning glory fence. They will be safe from the deer here and hopefully the rabbits will leave them alone too.

Then I went back to working on the flower rows. I got the "Zahara Double Cherry" Zinnias transplanted and then I planted two rows of "Persian Carpet" Zinnias from seed.  

Finally, I couldn't wait any longer to get some dahlias in the ground! I planted my first six plants today, four "Ms Kennedy" and two "Raeann's Peach". 6 down and 194 more to go!

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