Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digitalis " Honey Trumpet"

Last year, during a program at an Avid Gardner's meeting, we were introduced to Xera wholesale nursery. The owner Paul Bonine, gave a talk on new and unique plants offered by his nursery. One that really jumped out at us was digitalis "Honey Trumpet". This perennial foxglove is a Xera Nursery introduction. It repeatedly sends up multiple spikes of amber/honey colored bells that last from June until Frost. The plant grows to a size of 2' by 2'. When we had a chance last June to visit Xera - and do some shopping! - we picked up two plants of "Honey Trumpet". They settled right in and came back this Spring just fine. They have probably doubled in size and are just covered in these amazing colored bells. As the sun hits the back side of the plants, at it sets each day, the bells just glow. A highly recommended plant!

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icebear said...

they look beautiful!