Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Very Busy Saturday

We started off the day at the Farmer's Market. In honor of Monday's big holiday, Rhythm & Blooms was selling these sweet red, white, & blue bouquets. I picked one up to be the centerpiece on our table.

Cherries have arrived in a big way!

These were the first tomatoes that I have seen for sale at the Market this year. They must be growing them under a hoop house to have ripened fruit already.

I thought these artichokes were such a lovely shade of purple and green. They almost look like a watercolor painting.

This basket was overflowing with baby Summer Squash.

Back at home I got to work down in the big garden. Before I start planting the dahlias, I want to get all of the "other" plants in the ground so that they can get growing. I started by building two raised beds and planting the "Speckled Hound" Winter Squash.

Then I began working on the rows. I managed to get all four rows of "Hutterite Soup" Bush Bean planted. Then I added then soil and planted a row each of "Bling Bling" Zinnias and "Blue Point" Zinnias. I had started both of these from seed and they were at a perfect size to be transplanted. I wish I had grown about six more of each variety, but maybe by the time they reach maturity they will be big enough to fill in the row just fine.

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