Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finishing Touches

Today was a day of "final touches". After completing the planting of all of the dahlias last Thursday night, the garden was still in need of some TLC. This morning we gave all of the lawn inside and outside of the deer fence a good mowing.

Then we gave all of the plants a good watering. I filled up the bird feeder and pulled out all - or at least most - of the sunflowers that the chipmunk has been planting in the dahlia rows. He seems to have 100% success with his germination.

I then moved all of the volunteer morning glory starts that had come up away from the fence.Since I planted six or seven different varieties here last year, I have no idea what these volunteers will be this year. But that's part of the fun and you can't beat the price either.

We also brought down my purple bench and set it in place.

On my way down to visit the big garden this afternoon, I heard a familiar tapping coming from one of the oak trees. After a lot of looking,I finally spied this woodpecker. He kept peaking out from behind the moss and madly thumping the white oak gall with his bill.

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