Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday at the Farmer's Market

After spending all morning down in the big garden planting dahlias, I made it to the Lane County Farmer's Market right around noon. It was packed! It was really terrific to see so many people shopping and supporting all of the farmers. We have such an amazing array of fruit, vegetables, berries, and grains available. It was funny to find these beautiful bouquets of sweet peas available for purchase at the end of July. But our weather has been so cool that they are still happily producing. I would have loved to have brought home a bunch, but one of my cats is allergic to all floral scents.

I thought this basket really demonstrated how far we have come with local food. First people were happy with store bought tomatoes. Then they learned that local fresh tomatoes tasted so much better. Now we have all evolved to the next step where we can discern between the different heirlooms available and the Farmer's market are beginning to sell them by variety name.

This was the first weekend that I have seen garlic for sale. I am pleased to say that my home grown garlic doesn't look too much different than this group.

A basket of cauliflower.

The blueberries have arrived! Almost every stall had pint baskets for sale.

How pretty are these torpedo red onions! The vendor recommended preparing them by laying them whole on the grill to cook. Yummy!

Amazing red currents. I can't imagine all of the labor that it took to pick and clean enough to fill these pint baskets. This was also the first weekend that almost every vendor had green beans for sale. Another sure sign of Summertime in Oregon.

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Lisa Lynn said...

Great pics! I need to visit our farmers market. I have lots to eat from our garden, but there are some things that aren't ready yet, or my turkeys ate them!