Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Swallows

We have seven swallow houses  hanging outside the house and shop. This year is appears that we have tenants in four of the houses. Around the 23rd of June we realized that we could hear the first soft cheeping coming from a few of the houses. A week later the swallow babies were much louder. One of the houses hangs right outside a window on our stair landing. Solomon, an indoor only cat, has re-discovered the active house and is spending much of his time watching the parents arrive and the little chicks beg for food. Sometimes he gets so excited he chips and barks and his tail swishes back and forth on the sill. Luckily, the swallows completely ignore him and go on about their business.

At first we could only see two chicks in the house, but often one gets pushed behind the more dominate babies and is hard to see.

This turned out to be true. Every once in a while the third baby makes an appearance.

The parents spend from dawn until dusk catching insects and bringing the food back to the house. I can't even imagine how many trips they make in a day.

And the baby swallows never seem to get full!

It all makes for excellent cat television!

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