Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 7th Tilling!

Like so many gardening days this year, today did not go exactly as I had planned. I had hoped to go down the garden in the morning and with some help, rake out the major peaks and valleys. Then I could immediately begin laying out the stakes. When we got down to the garden, we discovered that the clod ridden soil had dried and was darn near impossible to move with a rake. To add insult to injury the whole garden was also covered with a carpet of tiny sprouted weeds. After some deliberation - and frustration - we decided the only thing to do was till the garden one more time! By doing this we were able to level out the soil quite and bit and were also able to till under all of the weeds. So in the long run it was a good plan- just not the one I had in mind at the beginning of the day! Fortunately, it is supposed to be quite warm today so I am hopeful the soil will be dry enough to work on tomorrow. What's another day's delay at this point!

One the bright side, all of the wet weather that we had in June has kept all of the fields nice and green. We are so very fortunate to not be suffering from drought and fires like so many other parts of the country.

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